Permit Checklist for Shed Projects

This checklist has been designed to assist applicants in knowing what information is required to be submitted with the shed permit application.  

  • Two (2) copies of a survey showing all property lines, all buildings on the property, all easements on the property, all streets and bodies of water abutting the property, the location of the shed and dimensions from shed to property lines.
  • The type, size, height and materials of the proposed shed must be noted on the permit application.
  • Plans or Manufacturer’s Specifications, depending upon type of shed.
  • If electricity is to be run to the shed, an electrical permit is required.
  • A copy of the contract, if a contractor is hired to do the work.
  • Homeowner Association Approval (if applies).

There are 3 basic types of sheds, each must be designed to withstand the forces created by 140-mph wind:

Metal Sheds:
To be placed on 4” slab with 8”x8” footing minimum.
Must be firmly anchored to the slab/footing.

Manufactured Wood Shed:
If not installed on a concrete slab/footing, the shed must be anchored into the ground in accordance with the manufacturer’s approved specs.

Site-Built Shed:
To be placed on 4” slab with 8”x8” footing minimum.
Plans to be signed and sealed by a Florida Licensed Architect or Engineer.

Sheds must be located behind an imaginary line extended through the rear of the house line at a minimum of 3 feet from the side and rear property lines or easement lines.  If the rear property line is on a waterway, the shed shall be placed within 15 feet of the side property line.

Sheds may not be larger than 144 square feet with no side being longer than 14 feet. Shed height shall not exceed 9.5 feet high. Shed height shall be measured from bottom of shed floor to roof peak. Maximum overall height, including placement, shall be 10.5 feet. Overall height shall be measured from surrounding ground level.

If concrete slab being installed, a Footing/Slab inspection is required. If site-built shed, a framing inspection is required.  When shed is completed, a final inspection is required.