Permit Checklist for Driveway Projects

This checklist has been designed to assist applicants in knowing what information is required to be submitted with the driveway permit application

  • Two (2) copies of the survey showing all property lines; all buildings on the property; all easements, swales, turnouts, water meters, and existing driveways; all streets & bodies of water abutting the property and the location & dimensions of the existing and/or proposed driveway.
  • The type of materials and thickness of the proposed driveway must be noted on the permit application.
  • A copy of the contract, if a contractor is hired to do the work
  • Homeowner’s Association Approval (if applies)

a. The person obtaining the permit is responsible for having underground utilities located, and is liable for any damage to utility lines and roadways.
b. Specifications and Turnouts:
    - Follow diagram provided with permit when issued.
c. Elevation & pitch of existing swales must not be changed by any proposed work.

Residential:   When the base is prepared, a density test may be required. When the forms are installed, request a forms inspection.  When the driveway is completely installed, request a final inspection.

Commercial:   See permit for required inspections.