Building Permits

Permits are necessary to ensure that building code requirements are met. Inspections are done during different phases of the job to make sure that the installation is done properly and that the correct material is used for the job. 

Almost every type of construction requires a building permit to be obtained and posted on site PRIOR to beginning the work, whether it is a new building, an addition, a remodeling job or a repair. For example: the installation of sheds, fences, shutters, driveways, bulkheads, docks, windows, doors or screen enclosures requires a permit. Plumbing, air-conditioning, electrical and roofing work require permits. Repairs to these items also require permits. Painting, carpeting, tile and installation of kitchen cabinets do not require a permit.  Contact the building department to verify if a permit is required BEFORE starting the job.   

A building permit is issued after the Building Official reviews the application for compliance to town codes and state regulations. Once a permit is issued, inspections are done during various phases of the job to verify that the work is being done according to code. The required inspections are listed on the permit. The work must pass the required inspection during each phase of construction prior to starting the next phase. If the inspector finds a problem with the materials or the workmanship, it must be corrected before the work continues. A final inspection is required for all permits. 

If the homeowner elects to pull the permit, they are required to sign a Owner / Builder Affidavit Statement.

Permits must be obtained and on site BEFORE any work begins. Four (4) times the regular permit fee will be charged when starting the job without the required permit. There is no statute of limitation for work performed without a permit. Proper permits and inspections will still be required if the work was done without a permit and is later identified as such. 

Landfiles that contain building permit information for each property are available for review at Town Hall during normal business hours.