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2018-2019 Alarm Permit Form - New and Renewal Registrations

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Application for a Building Permit within the town limits

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A Contractor Registration Form is required by any person or entity who does not have their business operation located within the corporate limits of the Town of Lake Clarke Shores but provides or furnishes services within the corporate limts of the town.

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Form used to provide Unlisted and Mobile phone numbers for 911 service.

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Drawing of fence post requiements

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The Town requires a permit for all yard/garage/estate or capital outdoor sales.

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In order to receive a permit for your golf cart, you must have it inspected by the Lake Clarke Shores Police Department.  

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Local Business Tax Receipt Application required for conducting business within the Town

A Notice of Commencement is required for all improvements to real property within the Town of Lake Clarke Shores.

The current Notice of Commencement form can be downloaded from the PBC website.

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Required to be signed and notarized by Owner if they elect to pull building permits.

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Form required to reserve the Town Hall Park or Community Park Pavilions