Substantial Improvement Requirements

The National Flood Insurance Program requires an existing building to meet the same construction standards as a new building when making substantial improvements to the building or if the building is substantially damaged. Property owners that make repairs and/or improvements to their residence where the combined total of the improvements or repairs over a 5-year period are 50% or more of the structures value, must also meet the same standards as a newly constructed building.

Signed and sealed elevation certificates and surveys are required for all new and substantially improved buildings before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.  Elevation Certificates must be signed and sealed by a land surveyor, engineer or architect that is authorized by law to certify such a document.

Note: Only FEMA Form 086-0-33 (revised 7/2012) elevation certificates can be used.

For information on flood plain development in the town see Chapter 70 of the Town’s Code of Ordinances which specifies development procedures and flood reduction standards for new construction and substantial improvements within the Town.

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