Drainage System Maintenance

The Town of Lake Clarke Shores Utility Department employees inspect the Town’s drainage system, which includes storm drains, easements and canals, for obstructions caused by debris such as fallen trees or vegetation, trash and other items. They remove the debris that they find in the storm drains that would impede the flow of water. Proper maintenance to the drainage system helps reduce the risk of flooding. 

Storm drains prevent flooding by directing excessive rain water into the Town’s lakes and canals. Trash, grass cuttings, vegetation or debris should not be placed on storm drains. Having vegetation or debris on top of a storm drain when it rains prevents the water from going into the storm drain causing flooding to the street and surrounding areas. The vegetation and debris also falls into the storm drain. This causes blockages in the underground drainpipes which impedes the flow of water and damages the drainage system.  

All residents should be doing preventative maintenance to their swales and keeping the storm drains clear from vegetation and debris.  Dumping trash, vegetation, or debris of any kind into the storm drains, canals or lakes is also illegal.

Contact the Town’s Police Department non-emergency dispatch center at 964-1114 to report illegal dumping or if you see debris on storm drains.