Chief Wes Smith III

Chief Wes Smith

Chief Wes Smith has 45 years of local law enforcement experience with 24 years as police chief. He began his career as a patrol officer with the Village of Royal Palm Beach and rose through the ranks to become Lieutenant at the Village of Palm Springs, followed by Director of Public Safety for the Town of Manalapan. In 1999, he joined the Town of Lake Clarke Shores, where he currently leads their police department of Chief of Police.

In his various roles, Chief Smith has supervised Organized Crime, Narcotics, and Tactical Units. In addition, as a state certified fire fighter and inspector, he has served as Fire Marshal. His education includes courses at Palm Beach Community College’s Criminal Justice Program and Lynn University as well as executive and managerial training with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

His background features extensive training in Emergency Operations; Biological, Chemical and Explosive Weapon Responses; Arson Investigation; Surveillance; Counter-Intelligence; Homeland Security; and S.W.A.T. He has also received Dignitary Protection training from the United States Secret Service, which he has used when working with Buckingham Palace to handle security and personal protection for Prince Edward and to coordinate protection for a variety of government officials, foreign dignitaries, and famous entertainers. With his specialization in this area, Chief Smith co-founded a security and private investigative company that specialized in personal protection, planning, and threat assessment analysis.

Chief Smith has been recognized for exemplary service throughout his career. He received distinction and commendation from the State Department and Israeli Government for planning and executing a successful protection program for the Foreign Minister of Israel during a controversial visit to South Florida. He has recently been recognized internationally at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IAC P) Conferences in Toronto, Canada, and nationally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for his Buckle Up Safety Education and Enforcement Programs.

His law enforcement philosophy integrates high-technology equipment with multi-dimensional officers who are trained in several areas of expertise such as police and medical rescue. He also strongly supports sharing equipment and successful programs with other police departments to advance law enforcement methodologies.

As a Palm Beach County native, Chief Smith believes in the importance of contributing to his community by volunteering his time and expertise to further the law enforcement profession and improve public safety. He is a life member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Florida Police Chiefs Association, and Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission. He is a member and past president of the Palm Beach County Chiefs of Police Association and a distinguished past president of The Kiwanis Club of Hypoluxo-Lantana. Has served on the Florida Police Chiefs Association’s Technology Committee and Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission’s Law Enforcement Planning Council.