Police Department

Police Headquarters Photo

The Town’s Police Department consists of eleven full-time members, one part-time Administrative Assistant, one Officer serves as Code Enforcement, and the team includes the Police Chief Wes Smith III, two Sergeants, one Corporal, seven Officers, two part-time Officers, ten reserve Officers.

The Department’s Officers are each trained by certified instructors from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Most Officers are also trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), which benefits the residents in medical emergencies and has saved lives. 

Staff training also includes Homeland Security measures with regards to biological and chemical threats, explosives, and counter terrorism. In 2005, Chief Smith was chosen to participate in the prestigious Project Interchange where he traveled to Israel for elite training in counter terrorism.

To complement its trained staff, the Department utilizes a full array of vehicles to keep the Town’s roadways and waterways safe. They have both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles as well as a motorcycle traffic unit that issues more than 2,000 traffic citations a year. In addition, the Department uses a marine boat to patrol the Town’s lakes and waterways. To aid in safety and public awareness, the Department innovatively employs a speed trailer and a DUI trailer. 

Chief Smith is a member of the Florida Police Chiefs Association, and the Palm Beach County Association of Chiefs of Police. It his his priority to ensure each patrol vehicle is equipped with a computer featuring the latest law enforcement technology, laser speed guns, electronic citation ticket writers, thermal imaging for night use, as well as audio and video recorders. 

This combination of a specially trained, dedicated staff outfitted with advanced equipment and technology has earned the Department a multitude of national and international awards for traffic enforcement, safety and education. Even with these accolades to attest to their merit, the Officers continue to strive for new ways to provide the optimum safety and security for the residents of Lake Clarke Shores.