The Town is excited to announce the successful award of Grant funds, in the amount of $59,700.00 from the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County. 

Last year, the Town applied for a monetary grant presented by the Solid Waste Authority to aid agencies in the cleanup and beautification of distressed or blighted properties throughout Palm Beach County. 

The Town successfully submitted an Application for the removal of the overabundant, nuisance, invasive-exotic plant species located within Pine Tree Park.  The current exotic vegetation, continues to grow and reproduce uncontrollably. Such growth continues to out-compete native plants and disrupt naturally-balanced native plant communities.

The Town expects to address and resolve this area of blight by removing these exotic plant species and planting smaller native and ornamental plant species in the area.  The project has the added benefits of removing the overgrowth currently being used by the homeless, as well as, mitigating the potential for damage to regional drainage facilities, due to normal erosion occurring along the L-7 Canal Bank and a significant FPL distribution line servicing over 55 homes.

We look forward to the start of this project today, May 9th and the estimated successful completion well within the required 30 days.  However, during this time, the Park will be CLOSED for the safety of residents and the worker’s present. 

We will keep residents updated to the progress and the reopening of the Park.