Lake Clarke Shores recognized for work with Love Serving Autism

The Town of Lake Clarke Shores joined with Love Serving Autism over the Summer of 2017 to offer its facilities to the organization. The Town is extremely honored that when County Club Living Magazine did a recent expose on The Access Point Project, an organization that helps special needs families, that they would mention partnering with Love Serving Autism and the Town of Lake Clarke Shores. It is wonderful to be a part of serving our community and being a facility that can extend its uses to those in our community for great opportunities like this. The Town is looking forward to its partnership with Love Serving Autism in 2018, by providing facilities to an organization that helps grow individuals and strengthens our community.

Thank you to The Access Point Project and Love Serving Autism for  recognizing the Town of Lake Clarke Shores but an even bigger thank you to your organizations and the staffs who change lives everyday in Palm Beach County.