Code Enforcement - Animal Waste

Lake Clarke Shores is a waterway community. Many people utilize the Town’s lakes and canals for boating, skiing, jet-skiing and fishing. The Town recently made improvements to Boat Ramp Park so that the boating public has access to the lake and canals in Town.

We have received complaints that some of our residents are walking their dogs near Boat Ramp Park and leaving the feces on the ground instead of collecting the feces and disposing it properly. Dog feces should be picked up, placed in plastic bags and put into garbage cans for collection on regularly scheduled garbage pick up days. There are also bags and trash containers conveniently located at Boat Ramp Park so that dog owners can clean up after their dogs. Do not dispose animal waste into the Town waterways. Depositing dog feces into waterways is not only unsanitary, it is also a violation of Section 26-26 (1) of the Town Code.

Please remember – it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to help keep our parks and waterways clean.

Please report any violations to the Lake Clarke Shores Police Department by calling the non-emergency dispatch center at 964-1114.