Christmas and Theft

Christmas and Theft 

As Christmas and other Holidays round the corner the increase of home buglaries, car thefts, purse theft and package theft increases.

Some tips to prevent theft in our area are below:


  • If out shopping try to avoid a purse altogether, if you must carry a purse make it small and have the ability to carry it on or across your body, and by no means leave it in a cart or basket while loading your car after shopping.
  • Try shopping in a group with family or friends, the more people with you the better a deterant for "snatch and grabs".
  • Be aware of your surroundings and don't get distracted, even a moment of distraction can lead to a crime of opportunity. 
  • Avoid carrying larger amounts of cash, use credit cards this way after a theft you can stop usage on a card versus loosing the cash to the theif.

At Home:

  • Don't leave anything in your vehicle ever especially over night, and remember to ALWAYS lock your doors.
  • Always lock the doors to your house and use your alarm system. If you have a sliding glass door remember to LOCK the door, and if you have somthing to wedge into the jam do so as these locks are easier to pop. 

Package Deliveries:

  • Have a note left to deliver packages toyour next door neighbors that are home during the day.
  • Have items delivered to work.
  • Be home to recieve the packages.


Most thefts are crimes of opportunity, this means that an individual wants to do as little work as possible for the theft. The Police Department has instructed officers to increase partols in Town and to be aware of suspicious activity. If you see something suspicious call the NON EMERGENCY line at 561-964-1114. The best thing you can do is take steps to prevent crimes of opportunities this holiday season.