Functions Of The Local Floodplain

The Town of Lake Clarke Shores utilizes swales to collect storm water and carry it away from homes. Because the swales are wider than they are deep, the storm water is spread over a broader area. This allows the water to drain into the adjacent soil.  During times of heavy rains, the swales direct the water into the storm drains, canals and lakes that surround the area to prevent flooding.

Swale areas should be kept clear of debris that could block the flow of water. The grass that grows within the swale prevents swale erosion and filters the water. This also helps to remove the sediments, heavy metals and hydrocarbons, such as oil, from the water runoff before it reaches the storm drains, canals and waterways.  Swale areas along the edge of the road require maintenance. Grass should be kept low and only sod should be planted in the swale.

Driveways must conform to swale regulations so that they will not impede the flow of water into storm drains, canals and lakes.  Anytime a driveway is installed or replaced the swale must follow current Town Code as well as Florida Building Code. 

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