Manager's Report for the March 12, 2019 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
March 12th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting, CRA Board Meeting
April 9th – 6:30 PM Town Council Reorganization and Regular Town Council Meeting
May 14th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting, CRA Board Meeting
June 11th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
March 15th – 5:30 PM Food Truck Invasion
March 29th – 7 PM Movie Night
March 31st – 11 AM Town BBQ
April 19th – 5:30 PM Food Truck Invasion
April 27th – 8 AM Waterway Clean Up
May 4th – Daylight Start of the 10th Annual Lake Clarke Shores Bass Fishing Tournament
May 17th – 5:30 PM Food Truck Invasion

Legislative Actions
In support of our legislative agenda, most of the Town Council and the Town Manager will be going to Tallahassee March 5th and 6th and again March 26th and 27th.  We have prepared a number of brochures and pamphlets that support appropriations for septic to sewer conversions, annexation and PACE.  Meetings are being arranged with key bill sponsors and legislative committee chairs to discuss our needs and how their bills can help. Specifically, we are supporting HB63, SB282 on changes to the PACE legislation.  We are supporting HB2931 for our special appropriation.  Each bill has a House and a Senate sponsor and each PACE bill is going through three committees.  There are many people to see in efforts to garner support for our needs.


  • We have asked for a special appropriation for money to design a municipal sewer system.  Design costs are estimated to be $1.2M.  We have asked for assistance from the State following Governor DeSantis identifying $100M for environmental improvement including support for design/study of septic to sewer conversion projects.  Representative Silvers is our House Sponsor and Senator Berman is our Senate Sponsor.  We have also received the support of Representative Willhite (Chair of the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation).
  • In association with Pembroke Pines and Palm Springs, we have prepared a draft Annexation Bill.  We have identified significant opposition to our proposed Bill and are working to reach a compromise.  The Florida League of Cities has identified Annexation as a priority for their 2019 Legislative Agenda.  We are seeking their assistance in addressing the opposition’s concerns.  The Bill will not be filed this Session, more work is needed to address the current oppositions issues.
  • PACE started out as an alternate funding mechanism for energy improvements.  Current proposed legislation will expand to include septic to sewer connections or advanced septic technologies.  We are in support of this change and will be explaining to the Committee Chairs why this is an important change to the current legislation.

Police Department Records Management
We have been informed that the Records Management System we currently use (ALEIR) will not be accepted by the FBI or Homeland Security in 2021.  The Village of Palm Springs is looking to upgrade their system and for several reasons, it makes sense for the Town to use the same records management system.  The system is called Global Public Safety, TAC-10 RMS.  The cost for the software, installation, training, and first year’s maintenance is $55,638.  Additional costs will be required to create the server upgrades needed to support the software within the FDLE audited virtual network.  These costs are estimated at $25,000.  We have identified $38,000 of unbudgeted revenue from Police Special Details and will transfer an additional $42,000 from projected Amendment 1 revenues to the Police Capital Budget to cover the anticipated costs.