Manager's Report for the December 11, 2018 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
December 11th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
January 8th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting, CRA Board Meeting
February 12th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
December 10th – 6 PM Holiday Home Decorating Contest Judging
January 2nd – 9 AM Fishing Camp starts
March 29th – 7 PM Movie Night
March 31st – 11 AM Town BBQ

Lake Worth Sub-Regional Member Board Meeting
In 2013, Lake Worth created a sub-regional sewer system oversight committee.  The Town became eligible to join the Member Board when we signed the Interlocal Agreement for Sewer Services with Lake Worth in September 2013.  Lake Clarke Shores and seven other governmental entities make up the Board of Directors for the Member Board.  I sit as the Chair of the Member Board. December 4th was the latest meeting.  Rates have risen nearly a $1.00 per thousand gallons over the last few years.  The reason for the increases has to do with costs associated with the $150,000,000 treatment plant R&R program and almost $5,000,000 for the pipeline R&R program.  Lake Worth owns 42% of the East Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Since we pay Lake Worth to take our sewage and treat it, we pay our fair share (based on flows) of the treatment plant costs and the pipeline repair and maintenance costs to get the waste to the treatment plant.  We anticipate one additional increase next summer and then a period of limited CPI increases.

Energy and activities within FRED are increasing.  We are currently having monthly meetings.  We have added a new Board Member, Suzanne Sherman, Assistant City Manager, from Satellite Beach.  The typical agenda includes ratification of new limited members (Cities and Counties added), projects reviewed, loan activity reports and bonding activity reports.  As of the October Board Report, we have bonded $6.2M for 421 projects.

Staffing Changes
Joan Perron is retiring.  She has given us notice she will be retiring January 18th after 17 years with the Town.  She is planning to spend more time with her grandchildren.   Please wish her all the best.  We will work to get a replacement for Joan before she leaves.

Town Website Redesign
The Town has engaged Municode to redesign our website.  We have been reviewing page designs and communicating preferences for colors, fonts, primary page layout, secondary page layout, and page content.  The new website is expected to be complete and ready for implementation in January.  At that time we will shift the web address to match our Town branding of  We are working with ClearGov and Munis to ensure our new utility payment customer service portal and our new infographic are integrated into the new site.

ABM Update
ABM began landscaping services officially December 1st.  You will see their white trucks in Town.  They offered, and we accepted their assistance with complimentary Coconut Palm tree trimming before the Holiday events to help with park use safety.  I believe the Town will have a great partner in ABM.  On the energy improvement projects, they give us weekly status reports and we have received our first submittals from them for product review and approval.  They are also coordinating with FDOT to get a permit for the Forest Hill Boulevard light replacement program.