Manager's Report for the December 5, 2017 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
December 5th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
January 9th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
February 13th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
March 6th – 6:30 PM Candidate Forum followed by Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
December 2nd – 11:00 AM Holiday Parade
December 2nd – 5:30 PM Jim and Judy Tackett Tree Lighting
December 11th – 6:00 PM (lights on) – Holiday Home Decoration Contest
February 10th – Inaugural Lake Clarke Shores Tennis Tournament

2017 Audit
Staff has been working with the Finance Director to get information to the Auditor.  He hopes to have the 2017 Audit Report completed for the January 2018 Town Council meeting.  He has suggested changes in several of our policies such as our credit cards, time sheets, and list of assets.   We are also required to do a three year update to our OPEB and an update to the Lake Clarke Shores sewer assessments.  We have consultants working on the last two items.
Our first item on the auction was a 2002 retired Crown Victoria (unit # 702).  The car sold for a little over $1,200 in just seven days.  It was picked up 2 days later.  We have a plethora of other items we are hoping to turn into cash.

FEMA Flood Insurance
The new Flood Insurance Rating Maps became effective October 5th.  FEMA is starting a campaign to inform residents of the change and to encourage them to check the maps, see if their status has changed and if necessary, make changes to their flood insurance coverage.  You probably received a flier in the mail; (more are coming,) and there was an ad in last Sundays Palm Beach Post regarding this.  Staff has participated in a couple of conference calls discussing resources that will be available soon.  Check out the following links:

Sheriff Assistance
As you are aware, the Chief of Police has a solid working relationship with a number of local police departments including the Sheriff’s office.  We have had Lake Clarke Shores Reserve Officer Joe Ianno working every Friday for the Sheriff’s office for several years.  The Sheriff recently donated a 2013 white Chevy Tahoe to the Town for Joe use.  We currently have a blue Dodge Charger and a red Toyota Pickup in our Police Department fleet that have been donated by the Sheriff.  We want to thank the Sheriff and Chief Deputy Mike Gauger for their continued support.

New Phones for Town Hall and the Police Department
We are currently using an antiquated analog phone system.  Parts are no longer available, it can’t be expanded and it requires six phone numbers and copper lines from AT&T.  We have gone out to bid and will be installing a new digital hosted VoIP phone system in December.  Each employee will have their own direct dial number, all incoming calls will be recorded, and we can eliminate the six copper AT&T lines.  Anticipated savings are $400 per month.  The capital costs to do the conversion are estimated at $5,000.  Both our IT Consultant and the Phone Consultant have been working closely to ensure we have no possibility of a security breach with the new phones.