Manager's Report for the November 14, 2017 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
November 14th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
December 5th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
January 9th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
February 13th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
November 5th – 6:30 AM - Loop Around the Lake - Cancelled
December 2nd – 11:00 AM Holiday Parade
December 2nd – 5:30 PM Jim and Judy Tackett Tree Lighting
December 11th – 6:00 PM (lights on) – Holiday Home Decoration Contest

HVAC in Council Chambers
The new HVAC control system was installed by SEIMENS last month for the Town Hall office area.  We are now controlling temperature and humidity within the space.  We are evaluating a proposal from SEIMENS to install new controls for the Council Chambers space.
We have been accumulating surplus Town equipment for several years.  This week we opened an account with to auction this equipment online.  Our first item on the auction is a 2002 retired Crown Victoria (police car 702).  We have a plethora of old stuff that we are hoping to turn into cash.  Much of what we want to put on the auction site has already been declared surplus by the Town Council and more will be presented to you during the December meeting.

FEMA Flood Insurance
The new Flood Insurance Rating Maps became effective October 5th.  FEMA is starting a campaign to inform residents of the change and to encourage them to check the maps, see if their status has changed and if necessary, make changes to their flood insurance coverage.  You probably got a flier in the mail; more are coming, and there was an ad in last Sundays Palm Beach Post.  Staff has participated in a couple of conference calls discussing resources that will be available soon.  Check out the following links

Questions on Ghost Car at 1880 Arabian West
There was a question asked at the “Coffee with Dan and the Chief” meeting about the police car parked at Officer John Connacher’s home.  The Police Department reviewed the GPS data for the entire month of October. Connacher worked 20 full or partial shifts.  He took lunch at his house only eight times.  When he did stop at his home, it averaged 17 minutes per shift on those eight days.  Reviewing his daily reports, he initiated over 70 calls (53 more than the next officer in the department).  The car was used by other officers during the month as well.  Our UCR’s are down this year.  We believe having that car parked on this significant Town entrance helps deter crimes.

Lake Clarke Vegetation
Staff met with Clarke Aquatic Services in a follow up to address the hydrilla problem.  Clarke explained a number of application concerns including irrigation, overspray or misting.  We are discussing a 2-step approach to treatment.  Step 1 would be done now and knock down the current surface vegetation.  Step 2 would be to treat the lake bottom in March/April to kill the tubers and minimize another summer/fall regrowth.  They are going to give us a proposal for the 2-step program.  Public notice of a treatment process will be necessary.