Traffic at Forest Hill Blvd & Pine Tree Ln

The Holidays are coming upon us quickly, which means traffic is slowing. At the “Conversation over Coffee Meeting”, with the Town Administrator and the Chief questions arose about the traffic flow or lack of flow at Forest Hill Blvd and Pine Tree Lane light.

The Police Department would like you to know that an officer is on duty during weekday mornings and is stationed at Forest Hill Blvd and Pine Tree Lane light to assist with traffic, and if their presence is not at the light that means the officer on duty is handling a pressing call from dispatch. As each person has their own polished abilities, some officers are great at Traffic control while other officers are not as fluid. The Police Department would like to remind you each officer has their own way with handling the Traffic and while a few inconsistent techniques are present, all officers are doing their best to promote safe and steady traffic flow.

The Town would also like the residents to know that having the ability to have an officer at this intersection is both a positive and negative circumstance. While the officer is to assist with the entire flow of traffic, it is often people in the western communities traveling to I-95 make complaints against having an officer stationed at this intersection. Some individuals feel our Police Officers are bias toward our community, allowing several exits from Pine Tree Lane at time, or that the Police Officer is holding back several feet of traffic and therefore doing a poor job. We would like to say that the Officers are doing their best and trying to value both residents’ and non-residents’ times during the morning commute.

The Town would also like our residents to know that the landscaping has been mentioned to cause issues at this intersection and comments have been noted. The Town has plans over the next few months to address and improve landscaping for safer traffic flow. However, to accommodate this, lanes maybe closed and crews maybe on the sides of the road and in the medians. We ask that you drive cautiously and carefully to ensure the safety of both yourself and your fellow man. The Town and Police Department are excited for the coming Holiday season as well as the improvements to the area we hope all have a safe commute to work and home during this season.