2015 Forecast for Lake Clarke Shores

2014 has been an exciting year for Lake Clarke Shores and we are sure that 2015 will bring even more excitement and improvements to the Town.

First, we are progressing with our efforts to coordinate a lift at the C-51 canal and the spillway area between Lake Worth and West Palm Beach near Federal Highway.  A feasibility study was conducted this summer and we will have an update on the progress in the early part of 2015.  Lake Clarke Shores is partnering with the South Florida Water Management District and the cities of Lake Worth and West Palm Beach to make sure this idea becomes a reality in the next 2 to 3 years.  We will be forming citizen committees in 2015 to help with this project and look forward to your involvement.  Let's get intracoastal access now!

In 2015 we will be improving the lighting in the Town with a plan to replace existing lights at Town facilities and along roadways with LED lighting.  We are requesting bids for ways to make this happen with little cost to the Town and an overall amazing environmental impact with the use of less electricity and better lighting.

We plan to hold a fundraising event in 2015 to build a wooden extension to our boat ramp so that more than two boats can be accommodated at the same time.  This will also open up more fishing areas and make it a more enjoyable area.  We hope to name the boat ramp after a local resident or benefactor.

In an effort to recognize the plight of homeless in Palm Beach County, we will be partnering with the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County in January to collect goods for their homeless shelter (named after Senator Phil Lewis) located on 45th Street.  We also plan to form committees of volunteers to bag lunches for homeless persons in nearby local communities.

We hope that our first official restaurant, Dunkin Donuts, opens by the spring of 2015.  We have partnered with local landowners to provide sewer service to these businesses and hope that our efforts lead to additional restaurants in Town along the Forest Hill Boulevard corridor.

2014 was the year for beautification of the four Town parks and we hope you join a committee to do the same for 2015.  Let's keep Lake Clarke Shores beautiful for all residents and the beautiful wildlife that call this Town home.

Please continue to check the website and Facebook for all of the happenings around Town as well as upcoming community events.