Manager's Report for the November 6, 2014 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2014 and 2015
November 6th – 6:30 PM - Thursday Meeting, Regular Town Council Meeting
December 9th - 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
January 13th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
February 10th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
October 31st – 5:30 PM – A Better Than Halloween Party and Movie Night
November 16th – 7:30 AM Loop Around the Lake 6K Run/Walk
December 6th – 11:00 AM Holiday Parade
December 6th – 5:00 PM Jim and Judy Tackett Memorial Christmas Tree Lighting

Forest Hill Boulevard Commercial Sewer System Project (Lake Clarke Shores Sewer Service Area, LCSS)
Bids were opened on October 21st.  Seven bids were received with the apparent low bidder being B&B Underground Contractors, Inc. with a bid of $499,160.  The apparent second low bid was Murray Logan Construction, Inc. with a bid of $584,000.  AECOM is evaluating the bids and will be making a recommendation for award to the Town Council to act on November 6th.  AECOM felt some of the information needed to assess qualifications of these two bidders was missing and they have asked for additional information.  The letter from AECOM is expected November 4th.  The range of the bids is from $499,160 to $665,965 with the Engineers estimate at $570,595.

Our Utility Superintendent, Damon Gammons has submitted a $15,000 grant application to South Florida Water Management District.  The Water Savings Incentive Program grant is a 50% match grant.  Damon is requesting four automatic line flushing devices which will be installed north of Forest Hill Boulevard where we usually manually flush the water system using fire hydrants.  Flushing is required in the summer months to maintain water quality in the distribution system.  The estimated savings for the Town is about 500,000 gallons ($15,000) a year of water and approximately $10,000 a year in labor.  We will be notified in December if we are successful in our application.  The automatic line flushing devices are a pilot test program for the Town.  If they work as expected, we will re-apply for a larger grant next year for the Seminole Manor area.

Pine Tree Park Posts and Plants
The young Boy Scout, Raylen Smith, completed the preparations and plantings for Pine Tree Park.  He has also completed the painting of the posts and sign, and his team also pressure washed the entry way to the park.  Mr. Smith needs to complete the signage and the application for the Butterfly Garden Certificate.  The butterflies have already moved in.  Staff has enjoyed this experience with the Scouts and with Raylen and are looking for the next joint project opportunity.

SSSS – “See Something, Say Something”
Help us improve the look of the Town.  If you see something that needs attention, send us an email and we’ll look into it.  The email address is  Staff is implementing a new electronic way of responding to and tracking work orders and requests for service.  Officers on patrol, the COP’s, and Utility staff drive through Town all day.  They see things which could be fixed or improved but our current paper “work order” system has made it difficult to document, track, and get results.  Using email, we believe reporting can be easier.  We will now have the ability to monitor, recall, and analyze our work order activities.  We’re calling it “See Something, Say Something” and we expect to engage the residents after a couple months of working out the kinks.