The Town of Lake Clarke Shores is experiencing a trend of vehicle burglaries committed by suspects known as “Handle Pullers”.

The subject(s) gain access by pulling vehicle door handles during the concealment of night. The suspects are looking for unlocked vehicles to remove currency and anything of value from inside the vehicle. Most victims are reluctant to contact the police, but should. Anyone with any information about or has been a victim of this trend crime please contact the Police Department immediately at (561) 964-1114.

I have immediately addressed this concern by increasing our patrols in your neighborhood. Residents are asked to make sure your vehicle doors are securely closed and locked. Alarm use is highly encouraged. If you have an alarm system, please use it.


  • Use physical protection measures on a home by installing dead bolts on all doors, locking devices on windows and solid glass doors, and a fence in the yard.
  • Trim trees surrounding the house so that burglars do not have easy access to the roof.
  • Consider installing an alarm system in the home. Get references for alarm companies from friends or neighbors, and get estimates from a few before deciding on installation.
  • Follow strict security procedures in the home, such as locking all doors and windows when leaving, even if it’s just for a short time.
  • Learn to recognize who belongs in the neighborhood. Report suspicious activity to the police.
  • Consider getting a dog as a pet. They can be a great alarm system when someone approaches the house and can scare away strangers.
  • Provide visibility around the house by leaving lights on after dark or having motion detector lights around the property. This ensures that there are no dark areas around the house in which a person could hide.
  • Always lock doors even if someone is home. Unlocked doors are the easiest way for a criminal to enter a household.
  • Never let anyone know that there is one person alone in a house at any time. Do not tell people at the door this information. Also, do not post this information on social networking sites.


  • Try to park in well lit, open areas, and in view of security camera. The more populated and secure the area, the less likely a robbery will occur.
  • Never leave valuable items out in the open in a vehicle. Either remove them from the car or place inside the glove box or under seats where others cannot see them.
  • While driving, keep doors and windows locked to prevent a carjacking. Also, always lock car doors when leaving a vehicle.
  • When walking back to a parked car, look underneath vehicle and in back seat after entering a car to make sure no one is under or in the car.
  • Do not leave helmet or riding equipment with a motorcycle after parking it.
  • Cover a motorcycle when unattended. Many thieves look to steal certain models and will be unwilling to risk setting off an alarm when lifting the cover.
  • Chain and lock bicycles to a secure unmovable item when leaving it unattended.