Manager's Report for the August 5, 2014 Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2014
August 28th – 6:30 PM – Public Hearing on the Financial Assessment Resolution for the FHB Commercial Sewer
September 9th – 6:30 PM - 1st Public Hearing 2014/2015 Town Budget and Regular Town Council Meeting
September 23rd – 6:30 PM - 2nd Public Hearing 2014/2015 Town Budget and Regular Town Council Meeting
October 14th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting

Forest Hill Boulevard Commercial Sewer System Project (Lake Clarke Shores Sewer Service Area, LCSS)
The design process is continuing. Coordination with the developer is being done by AECOM and Simons and White. Timing is critical on this project as the owner of the Forest Hill Boulevard Plaza is requesting we be prepared to provide sewer service February 1st, 2015. The new system must be designed, permitted, constructed and certified for service before February 1st next year. We have reviewed and returned the preliminary design documents. The project must be bid.

Raftelis Financial Services is working to prepare the organizational documents and to create a proportionally fair and equitable sewer service assessment. Their timeline is to have the agreed to tasks complete by the end of August 2014 allowing the FY 14/15 budget to reflect the new sewer requirements. The Consultants have broken the project into Phases reflecting the work to be done this year with the assessments to be levied this year and those to be levied in the future (extra capacity). The assessments are based on the following: 1. The Town will pay for the improvements being made this year from Utility Reserves (approximately $900,000); 2. The Town will offer the new customers the option of paying their assessment in a lump sum or financing the costs of the assessment over the next 20 years at an appropriate interest rate; 3. The Town will secure a $1,000,000 line of credit from Flagler Bank to be used for Utility emergencies until our fund balance for Unrestricted Utility Reserves exceed $1,500,000. The Town’s assessment for our proportionate share of the Utility will be approximately $87,000.

Boat Ramp
The debris has been removed and the Ramp is open with significant caution signs and limits to its use. We have received a quote from Murray Logan Construction, Inc. in the amount of $26,000 to install thicker stronger mats and to pour concrete around the edges of the mats to ensure a more stable installation. This will not extend the boat ramp but will minimize the potential for damage to people and property at the Ramp. Staff will be pursuing a Florida Boating Improvement Program Grant in January for a ramp extension and adjacent dock.

Pine Tree Park Posts and Plants
We are working with a young Boy Scout named Rayland Smith to make improvements at Pine Tree Park. Mr. Smith is working to secure his Eagle Scout Badge. He will be creating a project management plan for review and approval by Town Staff to paint the posts, create planting beds, recommend plantings and assist with the construction. The project is to be complete by November 15th. Staff is pleased and excited to be working with the Scouts and appreciates Bill Snow’s assistance in making the connections.

FEMA has implemented a Community Outreach Program to allow all those interested in the new FEMA Flood Insurance Rating Maps (FIRM) to have a chance to discuss the maps with FEMA staff. There are four meetings scheduled for the week of September 8th. The four meetings will be in four different locations with one in the Boynton Beach Library and one at Okeechobee and Jog in the PBC Vista Center. More data will be coming soon. We expect the preliminary maps to be released within a week. We have requested comparative maps of our affected properties for discussions with our residents.