Manager's Report for the May 13, 2014 Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2014
June 10th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
July 15th  - 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
August 12th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
September 9th – 1st Public Hearing 2014/2015 Town Budget and Regular Town Council Meeting
September 23rd – 2nd Public Hearing 2014/2015 Town Budget and Regular Town Council Meeting

Forest Hill Boulevard Commercial Sewer System Project (Lake Clarke Shores Sewer Service Area, LCSS)
The design process is continuing.  Coordination with the developer is being done by AECOM and Simons and White.  Timing is critical on this project as the owner of the Forest Hill Boulevard Plaza is requesting we be prepared to provide sewer service February 1st, 2015.  The new system must be designed, permitted, constructed and certified for service before February 1st next year.

One of the Council action items for the May 13th agenda is to retain Raftelis Financial Services to prepare the organizational documents and to create a proportionally fair and equitable sewer service assessment.  Their timeline is to have the agreed to tasks complete by the end of August 2014 allowing the FY 14/15 budget to reflect the new sewer requirements.  Raftelis will also assist with negotiations for new sewer service with both Palm Springs and Palm Beach County.  Currently, Palm Beach County has proposed the best terms and rates.

The LCSS project is being added to next year’s budget as a new department within the Utility Fund.  The estimated project costs, including the financial consultants, are estimated at $2.5M.  Staff is looking to secure a loan for the investment.  We have discussed our needs with several people and believe we can directly borrow the money or we may be eligible for a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan. 

Other Grant Opportunities
The FRDAP Grant program was fully funded in the proposed State of Florida budget.  Assuming the Governor signs the budget as it was presented to him, we will receive our $50,000 park improvement grant for Community Park.  The legislature also put $9M dollars in the FDOT Budget specifically earmarked for “road improvements for small cities in large Counties”.  Representative Kerner has met with the District 4 FDOT Superintendent to discuss our needs and we will be moving forward with a grant application soon.   

Utility Building Construction
Finally, we have the Certificate of Occupancy and Utility staff is in the process of moving in.