Manager's Report for the June 11, 2013 Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2013
July 9th – 6:30 PM – Budget Workshop and Regular Town Council Meeting
August 13th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
September 10th – 6:30 PM – 1st Public Hearing 2013/2014 Town Budget and Regular Town Council Meeting
September 24th – 6:30 PM – 2nd Public Hearing 2013/2014 Town Budget and Regular Town Council Meeting

Utility Building Construction
We received the Conditioned DRO approval.  We are working on completing the conditions by September 1, 2013.  Progress continues on the building permit.  There have been a few requests for additional information regarding louvers, paint, and lighting and our Team is responding.  There is currently no estimate as to when the building permit will be issued.

Sub-Regional Customer of Lake Worth
We continue to have discussions with Lake Worth staff and their attorney and the negotiations are ongoing.  We are focused on decreasing our sewer commodity rates, decreasing our over capacity penalty fees, and increasing our purchased capacity.  We are asking to increase our capacity from 400,000 gallons per day to 600,000 gallons per day based on a review of historical data.  Under the recently created Lake Worth Sub Regional Customer Partnership, we can ask other SRC Members for the additional capacity.  We are working with Palm Springs to secure the 200,000 gallons per day of additional capacity.  Lake Worth will require us to join the Sub-Regional Customer Member Board that was just established.  There is a potential savings to the Town of $350,000 per year when this agreement is signed.

IRS Employment Tax Audit
We met with the IRS Auditor on May 1st and received the final Summary of Employment Tax Examination on May 22, 2013.  For the tax year 2011, Bill Thrasher and Bill Murphy should have been employees per IRS criteria and we are creating a paper trail which will reflect a change in status for that year.  As we project to this year, we are converting Bill Thrasher and Anita Calhoun to part-time employees.  Bill Murphy will continue as a contractor under the IRS criteria with a significant change to his contract as approved by the IRS Auditor.  Additional payroll taxes are due for 5 employees whose salaries exceed $50,000 a year.  The total additional tax to be paid for 2011 is $3,104.83.  No additional tax will be required to be paid for 2012 or 2013 as long as we make the policy and procedural changes discussed in this audit.

Flood Insurance Study
We received the PRELIMINARY new Flood Insurance Study and Map along with some information on the FIRM Map adoption process.  FEMA is just now beginning to talk about the adoption process and the required Community Meetings and the Public Meetings.  It appears that FEMA has a major mistake in the model they have used for the C-51 basin resulting in a major part of the Town being newly added to the flood zone.  I have asked Jay Foy to assist us in filing an objection to the new maps.  He is also working with South Florida Water Management District on a new C-51 Basin Model which can be given to FEMA and incorporated into the maps as an amendment.  At your convenience, please come in and review the maps and documents.  The initial meeting with the FEMA and municipal staff is tentatively scheduled for the second week in August 2013.

April Accomplishments
We finished the sewer pipeline cleaning project and are working with Lake Worth to correct the identified problems.   The Towns Audit is complete.